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Why this issue is important to me ?

My name is Dr Mac Halliday - a retired ENT surgeon (RPA & Macquarie Street). Despite being long in the tooth, I remain actively engaged in the affairs of the world; from the injustices in the Middle East, to the press freedoms of Wikileaks & Julian Assange, and more recently the case of Phuong Ngo. 

This blog is my small attempt to gather relevant information in one place, to address what I see as a miscarriage of justice for Mr Ngo. I have researched widely, read transcripts, interviewed multiple experts; from respected Justices, journalists, politicians and key players in & around the case. Whilst I cannot be 100% sure of Mr Phuong Ngo's innocence, I have a strong conviction that there is enough evidence & 'stink' around the case to warrant a review. It is important to me to see justice prevail and a decent, capable man not rot in jail. 


I would like to see this case reviewed by the NSW Attorney General - Mr Michael Daley - on the grounds of improper process.  The prosecution case for motive, on the evidence presented in the trials and at the judicial inquiry, does not stand up. This is not an argument for Ngo’s innocence, but an appeal for a review of his sentence. He has been through an inquest, a committal hearing, three trials, an appeal and a judicial inquiry and found guilty. Guilty or not, Ngo has been locked up for 25 years and the identity of the killer is still unknown. 


As many eminent legal minds concur, it is time for NSW to abolish mandatory sentences and to trust in the wisdom and experience of our judges, to honour our commitments to progressive human rights and build a judicial system based on justice not vengeance.


A Criminal Cases Review Commission such as has been set up in the UK, Canada and New Zealand could, where appropriate, review the conditions of the sentences of lifers.

In the case of Phuong Ngo, you cannot lock him up forever and throw-away-the-key. That is NOT RIGHT. In light of Kathleen Folbigg's recent pardon, Phuong Ngo's case has more than a shadow of doubt.

To read some of my other "provocations" about the context of the Phuong Ngo case, click here.

Please sign the Petition and we can get the NSW Attorney General to review the case. Thankyou.


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