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No, No, Ngo to Long Term Sentencing

The case in favour of a Criminal Case Review Committee is overwhelming and its absence is an indictment of our state including both political parties and the legal profession.

New South Wales is unique among our states in its "life means life sentences" for certain crimes.

Our legislation may breach article seven of the United Nations International Covernant on civil and political rights signed and ratified by Australia. The 'life means life' rule was confirmed in a recommendation of the New South Wales Sentencing Council on May 2, 2021.

The 16 person committee was created by Bob Debus in 2003 especially to protect the Labour Party in the next election from attacks by the then opposition and media that it was soft on crime. Chaired by Justice Peter McClellan, it claims to be community representative.

The Legislation removes all judicial discretion in especially serious cases and is objected to by the former Director of Public Prosecution and other eminent authorities.

A Criminal Case Review Committee as practised in the UK, Scotland, Norway, New Zealand and Canada. A detailed description of the UK success is given by Professor Graham J. Zellick, former Vice Chancellor at the University of London, where he is an Emeritus Professor of Law.

A letter to the previous New South Wales Attorney General, the Hon Mark Speakman MP, resulted in a bucket of white wash with delegation to an unnamed subsidiary who has skilfully avoided any answer.

Shame on NSW for bad law and ethics.

Mac Halliday 2023

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Amy Ngo
Amy Ngo
Jul 25, 2023

Yes, Yes, Ngo to Eternal Sentencing ....

Would the Criminal Case Review Committee be willing to revisit Pulau Bidong and re-open many unresolved cases in our Vietnamese Refugee Camp in the 1980s when "Al Capone" was there ?

Or the Statute of Limitation excludes you from doing so ?

As these victims have enjoyed eternal injustice, we see no reasons why Ngo should not enjoy eternal sentencing.

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