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Phuong Ngo To Die in Jail

Is justice inherent in the New South Wales legal system? Surely any reasonable person would believe that after a coronial inquiry, an aborted trial, a hung jury trial, and conviction for murder on the third trial and final confirmation of the sentence by a judicial inquiry – that no doubt exists.

Mr Phuong Ngo has been in jail for nearly 25 years with a life-means-life sentence for killing New South Wales Cabramatta MP John Newman with no release possible except by a pardon from the state governor.

Justice James Wood who presided in the first two trials indicated that only if the shooter was convicted then prosecution of the others involved could proceed but this was not followed by his successor, Justice John Dunford.

Reba Meagher testified that Mr Della Bosca NSW General Secretary of the Labor Party she was offered a choice of two seats, Cabramatta and St Marys, at 3:30 pm, before the murder at 9:30 pm that very day. Her evidence was never tested in court despite the contradictory evidence of Mr Della Bosca.

The former New South Wales Attorney General Mark Speakman simply refused to discuss the matter. All legal niceties have been followed but has Justice been done?

The UK, Scotland, Norway and New Zealand all have a review mechanism which is explained in detail by Professor Graham Zellick, who chaired the UK Criminal Case Review Committee for 5 years and was Vice-Chancellor of the University of London. He warmly endorses the concept of a review mechanism which could easily by adopted by New South Wales.

Mac Halliday. 2023

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Amy Ngo
Amy Ngo
Jul 25, 2023

Why Phuong Ngo deserves to die in jail ?

Our community has been living in peace in the last 25 years without "Al Capone" Phuong Ngo.

We do not want to live in fear again. That's definitely not healthy.

If you, legal scholars, feel so much sorry for Phuong NGO please feel free to visit him in jail and entertain him if you wish. We, his victims, encourage everyone who signed this petition to spare a few minutes to think about the victims and the Vietnamese community. If you still have a little conscience and mercy for us please withdraw your names out of this unfair petition. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

I take this opportunity to…

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